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Challenge Course

This course is full and closed for registration.

Ages 10-18

Yona Lunken

Kids race through challenges in teams of two—challenges include the monkey bridge, zip line, alligator pit, jungle swing and mud mountain—and trying to beat their own best time. Students will get VERY dirty and MUST wear secure closed toed shoes. 

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Hand Drill Friction Fire

Ages 10-18

Nick Neddo

Learn the ancient skills of starting fire with friction with this universal technique – the hand drill. In this class we will learn how to find excellent raw materials on the landscape for building the hand drill friction fire kit. After we create the kit, we will build our form and technique for consistent success as we deepen our personal relationship with fire. 

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Aboriginal Survival Arts


Ages 11-18 • ALL DAY EVERY DAY 

Zack Roh, Tom McElroy

This class is designed to help you survive the first few weeks if ever lost in the forest. We will make fires by rubbing sticks together, learn shelters, how to purify water, set traps, make hunting weapons and practice awareness exercises. We will be spending time immersed in nature, playing in the creek and learning about the local flora and fauna. 

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Aboriginal Survival Arts


Ages 12-18 • ALL DAY EVERY DAY 

Perrin Hendrick

This class is for students who have participated in the basic aboriginal survival arts class and want to fine tune their old skills and learn new ones. New skills this year include brush & branch bows and survival arrows, primitive traps, new fire making techniques, and fish catching baskets. 

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Coyote Warriors

This class is full and closed to registration.

Ages 13-18 • ALL DAY EVERY DAY

Luke McNally, Luke Scalise

Ever wondered how to track animals? Catch fish? Start fires without matches? Workout like a ninja warrior? Explore Illinois with new eyes in this interdisciplinary new course. Start the week by building a fortified wilderness camp that will serve as our home base as we explore streams and rivers and forests with wilderness warriors Luke McNally and Luke Scalise. In addition students will learn to catch turtles, scout the forest, throw spears, learn self-defense, run faster, raft down the creek, play sports and learn lifelong skills in the field of natural resources including ecosystems, watersheds and wildlife. Inspired by the team comradery of Coyote Games, this course expands on old traditions at camp to broaden students’ exposure to the richness of the landscapes and ecosystems on which humans and animals depend.

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