Collaborate and Measure your Impact!


Sun Foundation and Klean Kanteen have collaborated to make an impact and want to challenge you to do the same!

What positive impacts are you or your class having on reducing your plastic footprint? Accept our Call to Action challenge and see!

Consider a simple action that you or your class can take, measure its total impact over time, and let us know what you discover.

Whether it is participating in Skip the Straw, making a move toward Zero Waste at lunch, or another effort, you make a difference!

So start now!

  1. Consider an action you already are taking or that you plan to take.

  2. Collaborate! Share your project and get someone or another class to join you.

  3. Set measurable goals. Will you compare before and after? Will you measure impact over a specific time?

  4. Start logging what you do and recording the times you do it.

  5. Measure your impact. Calculate the total time and/or total amount you contribute to reducing your plastic footprint.

  6. Analyze your impact and plan how to make it larger.

  7. Now share your work! Publish your results!

Send photos and/or videos, and an abstract documenting your project via email to with Sun Foundation Call to Action as subject by April 15.

We will display your results at our Call to Action booth at the Sun Foundation Clean Water Celebration, April 29, 2019, and enter you in a drawing for Klean Kanteen water bottles.

27th Clean Water Celebration Registration Now Open

The Clean Water Celebration is a two-day event held each spring at the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois. The largest event of its kind in the world, students learn how to make a difference by protecting water—our most precious resource. Today, it is Illinois students, teachers, business professionals and environmentalists, joined by an odd assortment of tiny tadpoles, wiggly worms, native bluegills, and zebra mussels. There’s nothing like it anywhere.

Learn more and register →