2020 Application

To edit and save your application, use the free Acrobat Reader. Submit 15 copies to the Sun Foundation by noon on February 1, 2020, at:

1276 Sun Road
Washburn, IL 61570

Grant Review Process

Review Committee

A committee comprised of professionals from Bureau, Marshall, Stark and Woodford Counties meet and review the grants to determine projects that would best serve area communities. For grant approval, hiring Illinois artist/artists, community involvement and reaching the underserved are all vitally important. Each grant recipient is able to receive up to $1,000. Users of the grant money are required to document and publicize the event and provide end of project reports.

review criteria

Projects must be for non-profit groups, organizations, schools and individual artists with projects and programs that are presented from:

  1. Involvement of Illinois artists and/or groups

  2. Community involvement and access

  3. Need for financial support

  4. Ways the grant will strengthen the organization or individual artist’s project

  5. How will the project impact the community and reach under-represented and under-served populations

  6. Quality of the project

  7. Project goals

  8. 25% cash match

  9. In-kind, non-cash contributions

  10. Publicity – visibility of the project

  11. Foster cultural development of under-represented populations within your service area

  12. Documentation of the scheduled project; film, video and printed materials

Grants cannot be used for artistic programs or functions where artists are not the primary focus. Grants cannot be used to support fundraising projects, benefits, receptions or other social functions.

Grant funds will not be awarded for capital expenditures, permanent equipment, funding for out of state touring, scholarships or deficit funding. All projects must have a public community service emphasis to be funded.

Grant Review

A 1 to 5 point system is applied to each grant, 5 being the highest point rating.

If applications exceed available funds, grants with the highest rating and priority number will receive funding.