About Clean Water Celebrations

Where can you find over 3000 students, teachers and business professionals mingling amid exhibits on riverbank erosion, water treatment, wildlife of the wetlands, aquatic life and the benefits of recycling and all having a fun and educational experience in “the most important environmental classroom in the United States?” It’s at Clean Water Celebration 2019 and you’re invited to participate!

Please join us at the Peoria Civic Center on Monday April 29, 2019, as an exhibitor… and watch the magic begin!  This year’s theme: You Are the Change! Hannah Testa, Hannah4Change, a 16 year-old environmentalist and animal rights activist, who has launched a Plastic Pollution Awareness Day will be our keynote speaker. She will speak to the power that youth have in making a difference.

The Clean Water Celebration is the world’s largest clean water festival (right here in Peoria!) and has become a model for other water festivals across the country. CWC is a joint project of the Sun Foundation and the Rivers Project, which encourages students to make a difference in protecting our nation’s most precious natural resource. It is proven to be an exciting event for middle school, high school, college students and the general public! Admission is free to all.

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Exhibit Information

Displays for 2019, primarily middle school students who will attend, should have most of the following characteristics:

  • The key element is interactivity.  The display should not be a passive picture but a set of tools, a game, a problem to solve, or a skill to learn. As you are designing your display, do not spell out the information; allow the participants a chance to discover the idea for themselves. Set up a problem that encourages them to learn a useful skill. “What can I do?” should be asked and answered by each student.

  • Eliminate single use plastics. Consider carefully what you share as promotional items. Consider items made from renewable resources, instead of plastic or you could use the money you budget for promotional items as a prize a classroom could win if a student enters a drawing.

  • More than 2500 students could view your exhibit.  Some will stroll past, passively glancing at your materials, some may stop and ask a question, some will become entirely involved, but your display’s goal is to entice observers to participate or to take a closer look at the tools you have provided. Keep in mind all three levels of participation. 


Exhibitor booth spaces are 10’x10’ and includes 8’ skirted table, 2 chairs, drapery, and a sign. 

Steps to a Successful Registration

  1. All payments will now go directly to the Sun Foundation. Payments should be made online, by purchasing below, or download and mail in your registration along with a check to the Sun Foundation. 

  2. Since the "payment receiving" entity is new, if you need any type of payment verification or agreement completions (e.g. proof of W-9) please look into that now. Some of our schools and government partners need this information. 

  3. The lunch prices are now $14.47 per lunch. Don't forget to select the number of lunches needed. 

  4. Don't forget to tell us if your booth needs electricity.

Exhibitor Registration has closed for 2019

Please contact cleanwater@sunfoundation.org if you have questions or would like more information.