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Art & Science in the Woods

Art & Science in the Woods


Art and Science in the Woods is a weeklong day camp held at the Sun Foundation Art and Nature Center in the month of June, where students as young as six learn from and are inspired by professional artists and scientists in nature’s classroom.

This five day program connects students with inspiring artists, engineers, archeologists, scientists, survival skills instructors and more all while taking in the natural beauty of the outdoors. On the final day, family, friends and the community are invited to the Sun Foundation Art and Nature Center to celebrate their week of sharing and learning.

Who can attend?

Everyone in moderate physical condition can enjoy being at Art and Science in the Woods. Classes are open to students ages six through adult.

Dates and location

June 10-14, 2019

Registration will begin in February, 2019.

Art and Science in the Woods is a five day program held Monday through Friday in June. Classes run from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily, rain or shine at the Sun Foundation Art and Nature Center, 25 miles north of Peoria.

The Sun Foundation owns no land or facility. The Sun Foundation Art and Nature Center and Art and Science in the Woods are located on the property of Joan, Brett and Bob Ericksen – Blue Heron Farm, and neighboring farms.



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Take Courses in Exciting Subjects

Art courses


Clay, painting, sculpting, street art, and more

Culture courses


Henna, meditation, Native American culture, yoga, and more

Nature course


Exploration, insects, reptiles, and more

Performance courses


Comedy, dance, music, puppetry, storytelling, and more

Science courses


Geology, insects, rockets, and more

Survival courses

Survival Skills

Challenge course, foraging, fire making, map reading, and more



Important Details


How it works

When registering, students select a major and four minors—kind of like college! Mornings are devoted to in-depth study of the selected major. One afternoon each Monday through Thursday is dedicated to a minor. On Friday afternoon, students share their learning with the rest of the group.

Lunch and snacks

We recommend packing a healthy, low sugar, nutritious lunch and snacks for the morning and afternoon that won’t need refrigeration, and a water bottle. As a key theme of Art and Science in the Woods is caring for our environment, please use reusable and recyclable containers as much as possible.

What to bring and wear

Wear comfortable clothing that can get soiled, wet, and painted. Long pants and long sleeved shirts are best for protection from plants and insects, and are required in some classes. For comfort and safety, do not wear sandals. Flies and mosquitoes will not be as annoying if you wear socks, and hiking and exploring will be easier in shoes that tie. Bring a cap, backpack, and non-toxic, non-aerosol bug repellent (such as Avon Skin So Soft).

Financial needs scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are available through the generosity of the Sun Foundation members and community businesses for students with verifiable financial need. Need can be verified by teachers, scout leaders, church leaders or any adult or parent who knows of a child’s interest in Art and Science in the Woods but is unable to attend because of financial considerations. Students should fill out the registration form and send it with a note or recommendation.

Adults who are interested in attending may contact us on their own behalf.


Our students come from many central Illinois communities. Bus service may be provided from Peoria, Metamora, and Germantown Hills. We can also share contact information for carpooling with your permission.

Please indicate interest in either of these options where indicated on the registration form.

First aid and insurance

Health forms should be sent in with registration forms. A nurse and/or a resident EMT will administer minor first aid. In the event serious medical attention is needed, the emergency number listed on your registration form will be called. Please be sure to give a number for a responsible party. The Sun Foundation does not provide insurance for coverage of medical expenses.

Please advise us when you register if the student has special needs.

NOTE: Parents may attend the same class with their student at no charge, but materials can only be provided to those actually registered for the class.

Lost and found policy

Check the Pavilion Lost and Found Box each day. Items will be held following the program for up to two weeks and then donated to the Goodwill.


Open a World of Possibilities

Ensure future generations of children have the opportunity to discover and explore the wonders of art and science by volunteering or donating today.